While we provide service to the market, we might lose something important. We receive instructive service, but we dwell on the planet earth simultaneously. Of course, we provide and receive instructive service on condition that we must not forget gratitude to this planet.
We think that it is very important responsibility for us as a corporation WHO is living on the beautiful earth.

We think an amazing circulation called the ecological system is the most important because the environment itself is the precious managing resource for us YAESU KEIKOGYO CO.,LTD.
We will try our best to propel environmental load reduction and nature conservation act in order to establish a rich and durable society without making the environment worse.

nature conservation act

YAESU promotes a nature conservation act in the idea, "YAESU Eco Cycle", and we cope with "Green Supply", which is the corporate action to choose the one which imposes less burden to the environment when a corporation supplies materials, parts or service from a supplier. This action urges a supplier to produce ecological products.

Contribution to soci


We support COCO FARM & WINERY.
COCO FARM & WINERY turns over the wines made by the mentally-challenged people in KOKOROMI GAKUEN. They started wine making in 1950s. The students, who were called "cretinous" at that time, cut grass all of a sweat and cultivated the fields in cold wind. Their products have received recognition recently because Shinya Tasaki, a famous sommelier selected their wine for a summit discussion in Okinawa.

We learn from their policy "Try Our Best for Tomorrow" and we try our best to develop our products as a maker. We take their productions as our gifts.

In addition, we also support "Japanese Blind Golf Association". "Japanese Blind Golf Association" has a policy to bring confidence back to people with impaired vision giving the same situation as people with no disability, and get them to find out their possibilities. Their activity has turned out many higher rankers in international blind golf tournaments, and they are making breakthroughs in disablement. Many of our staffs like golf very much and we hope that people with impaired vision can enjoy golf in any ways.